Rosanne Olson writes songs drawn from her life and inspired by the lives of others. Her songs speak of love, heartbreak, happiness and regret, all formed into beautiful stories that linger in the mind, providing just the right medicine for love, loss and everything in-between.

Steeped in the music of the Sixties, Olson draws her own musical conclusions from influences that span classical music (from childhood piano lessons) to folk ballads, a touch of country, a splash of jazz and a bit of gypsy.

At times reminiscent of the minor-key shades of Leonard Cohen and the story-telling lyrics of Serge Gainsbourg, Olson's attention to the power of words is drawn partly from her observational skills as a photographer––and also a decades-long love of poetry. Poetic influences include Galway Kinnell, Stanley Kunitz, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Mary Oliver and Pablo Neruda.

The songs on Olson's first album, Love in Your Country, have been brought to life with the help and support of many accomplished musicians. They include Kelly Harland, Alicia Dara, Ted McMahon, Moe Provencher, Jed Myers, Bob Heavner, Orville Johnson, Jonas Myers, Anna Cook, Irene Mitri and Vicki Ambinder.

The album was co-produced by Rosanne Olson and Alicia Dara.

A second album is in the works, even as Love in Your country enters the world.